My company only works on a seasonal basis, do I have to pay for the service during the months my employees are not working?

If I choose to use all of the available features, is that a different price?

What types of reports are offered by Time Clock Boss?

I am ready to pay for my subscription now. Is it necessary to sign up for the demo version?

I use Salesforce.com, is your system compatible with it?

Do I have control over where employees clock in?

Will the payroll software I use integrate with Time Clock Boss?

Do I have to agree to a contract for a certain length of time?

Does Time Clock Boss have the ability to track different pay rates depending on the specific job worked?

How much confidential data needs to be entered into the system?

How can I remove or add features to my account?

I have a significant number of employees. Is your system capable of handling many employees or projects?